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Wedding & Event Design

Located in the heart of Muskoka, our small studio thrives on design that celebrates northern Ontario's breathtaking locations and landscapes. Wild arrangements, unique palettes and bespoke blooms are at the forefront of our work; we'd love to discuss how we can assist with expressing your distinct vision and style.

Getting married? Fill out our inquiry form to receive a complimentary quote tailored to you. 

Looking for something else? We also specialize in lunch/dinner parties, retail installations & pop-ups, workshops and showers. Let's talk!

Are you a seasoned DIYer looking for materials? Our extensive catalog of everlasting blooms and vessels will elevate any event!


Meet Allison

In a word, Allison is Flower Child. With a personality as bold and bright as her designs, she imbues her passion for expression into all of her work, channeling her clients' visions with a seemingly effortless grace. With entrepreneurship running in her family, Allison founded Flower Child in 2017 with the intent of celebrating the natural beauty of Muskoka. We can't think of a more stunning backdrop. You'll find Allison on site crafting the installation of your dreams - just follow the laughter!

    Floral Design By Allison-8_edited.jpg

    Meet Amy

    Known as the studio's Jane of all Trades, Amy oversees a little bit of everything in flower land. Resin preservation, web stuff and photography fill her plate some days, while flower processing, packing, and MacGyvering some random thing Ally needs often characterize the next. You'll find her on site carrying heavy things or looking for her pruners.


      Best Florist - Muskoka, 2022

      Best Floral Designer -  Bracebridge, 2022

      Best Floral Designer - Muskoka, 2023

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