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Planning your big day? Please use the below form to share your ideas! Don't stress it if you're still in the early stages of planning - we realize things will change and evolve along the way. This information is to simply assist us in providing a quote and preparing our season. Have fun with it and fill in as much as you can!

Your Names

Pronouns (she/her, he/him, they/them ...)


What are We Celebrating?


Event Date

Venue Name (if applicable)

Ceremony Location

Reception Location

Ceremony Time

Reception Time

Your Florals

This sections details what you envision for you and your partner(s) florals. The sky is the limit - those who identify as male can carry bouquets & those who identify as female can wear boutonnieres. Someone who is non-binary can wear a hair comb. You catch our drift. Gendered wedding stereotypes aren't our thing & we are open to anything! 

Your bouquet(s) vision: size, style, palette, flower types, fresh and/or dried - it all helps! 

Your boutonnière(s) vision:

How many do you need?

Toss Bouquet(s)?

How many do you need?

Your additional personal florals:

Please share your vision on the above options (if applicable) or any other thoughts you'd like to share for your personal florals.

Wedding Party Florals

This section deals specifically with flowers and accessories needed for those in the wedding party. They may not all apply, or you may have ideas of your own, which we'd love to hear!

Number of bouquets

Number of crowns / combs

Number of boutonnières

Number of pet collars

Number of corsages

Number of flower children

Are there any other thoughts or ideas you'd like to share for the wedding party florals?

Ceremony Florals

Please share what you have in mind for the ceremony! There is no limit on creativity here, which is what makes it so exciting. Some ideas could be: aisle flowers; arch(es); hanging installations; backdrops; floral urns; floor/ground arrangements; and pedestal arrangements. What do you envision?

Reception Florals

Second verse, same as the first: what would you like for the reception (if applicable)? All of the above may still apply, but other floral elements could include: the head table; bar; welcome sign/seating chart/card tables; cake flowers; table centrepieces; dance or band stage decor. The floor is yours!


Do you anticipate needing any of our rentals? Have a look, and if so, feel free to jot them down here!

Finishing Touches

What is your ballpark budget (before tax)?

Do you need on-site delivery and set up?

Are you working with a wedding planner, coordinator, and/or designer? Please let us know who(m)!

Who is your photographer?

How many guests are you expecting?

Please link or upload any inspo you've collected thus far:

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That's about it from us! Let us know if there's anything else you'd like to share.

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