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Flower Preservation

Conserve the memories of your most cherished days with our resin preservation service!

We'll press your flowers and cast them in high quality, crystal-clear resin, which will protect the blooms from aging and fading.

Already have dried flowers? Great! Don't have any flowers? We have a whole archive we can use to make your order.

With options to suit every aesthetic, our catalog includes show pieces for your shelves or walls, and functional pieces you can use every day. The magic of a milestone event is timeless, and these keepsakes will have you celebrating for years to come.


Submit you resin request here!
Are you providing the florals?
Dropping off or shipping?
Are they fresh or dried?
Would you like a design consultation?

Have inspo pics of resin designs you love? Feel free to share them here:

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Upload File

Sent! Thanks, we'll be in touch soon!

Minimum order spend of $250. Prices do not include sales tax or shipping (if applicable). Floral pressing fee is $45. Pre-dried florals welcomed, but note that they will be cast as-is and our studio is not responsible for cleaning the blooms or any fading that may occur as a result of how they were dried. Please allow up to 6 weeks for your order to be ready during high season.

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